Create and monetize your audience over text.

Step 1: Create

Add new or existing content that you want to sell. You’ll get a custom link for you to promote.

Step 2: Promote

Post your custom link anywhere you engage with your followers. Tell them what they’ll gain access to!

Step 3: Sell

When someone taps the link, it triggers an automated SMS message to complete their purchase.

People don’t buy
from websites.

They buy from you.


With just a response from your followers, you can turn your pennies from Youtube into dollars with Tuxt. Take charge of your financial future with your fans.

Monitize your digital content! Works on every platform.

You can use your Tuxt promotion link on any platform in the world. No need to change anything for you or your followers.




No minimum volume requirements

No monthly contracts - risk free

Personal account manager provided

Custom pricing is available for large influencers, contact us